1.     What are the benefits of keeping my boat at SOUTH BAY vs. another marina in the Green Bay Area?

Answer:  Exceptional customer service, friendly courteous help, super clean facility, secured grounds, full service, environmentally "clean", no wake zones, sheltered harbor, no bridges, no highway noise, concrete floating docks, beautiful views, competitive fuel and dockage pricing, best recreational amenities in the Green Bay Area.  SOUTH BAY is a WI certified CLEAN MARINA.


2.      Do we have winter storage available?

Answer:  Heated and sprinkled indoor winter storage and a limited amount of unheated indoor winter storage are available.  There is also outside storage space available.  Contracts for storage can be made by stopping by the Marina Office.  One of the benefits of our inside heated storage is we are open weekends in the off-season and you are permitted to come in and do regular routine maintenance on your boat yourself.


3.      Is trailer storage available?

Answer:  Yes.  If you are a seasonal slip holder, it is available at no charge. You must register with the Harbor Master, tag your trailer with your name, lock your trailer and leave a spare key with the Harbor Master. 


4.      Are maintenance and boatyard services available?

Answer:  We have a full array of boatyard and maintenance services available.  Lift / launch capabilities for boats up to 50 tons.  Factory trained service techs.  Can handle all service needs (boat detailing, engine rebuilds, electronics installations, canvass work, fiberglass repair, systems installations, winterizing, etc}.  All priced competitively.  We have a 50 ton travel lift and a 60,000 lb. hydraulic trailer along with state of the art diagnostic equipment.


5.      Can boaters contract with an outside company to have maintenance done on their boat?

Answer:  They may contract with outside service companies for maintenance provided they obtain permission in advance from the Service Manager and complete the necessary paperwork.  Any service provider that does not first obtain permission to work in the marina will be asked to leave.  In order for outside personnel to work on boats, they must first sign a contract agreeing to provide evidence of insurance and accept responsibility for any damages to property and environmental spills that may occur.  In addition, depending upon the work to be performed, they may be required to post a bond.


6.      Can boaters place a "FOR SALE" sign on their boat?

Answer:  No "For Sale by Owner" or hand written "For Sale" signs are permitted on boats docked within the marina.  Only professional signs belonging to legitimate marine brokerage companies will be allowed.  All signs must first be approved by the Harbor Master.  Any signs appearing on boats that have not been given prior approval are subject to removal without notice.


7.      Can boaters pay for my slip rental with a credit card?

Answer:  They may pay for their slip rental with cash, by personal check, Visa or MasterCard.


8.     If boaters rent a dock next year, will they be able to continue to rent the same slip each year thereafter?

Answer:  Yes, providing they submit a slip reservation form and a $250 non-refundable deposit by Nov. 1st of the current calendar year.


9.      Do you provide help with docking?

Answer:  Our goal is to be available during normal business hours to assist with docking.  We monitor MB / VHF Channel 9.  During business hours, there are usually a minimum of two people available at all times.  We make every attempt to assist with docking whether a request for assistance is made or not.  However, if our attendants are busy helping other boaters at the time you need assistance, there may be a short delay. 


10.  What is your slip rental season?

Answer:  The marina officially opens for business on May 15th of each year and closes on October 1st.  Depending on the weather, we allow seasonal slip holders to launch earlier in the spring and stay in the water until November 1st.  Weather conditions may dictate that we delay spring launch or move up dates for fall haul-out.  Therefore, you must contact the Harbor Master to arrange for slip occupancy prior to May 15th or after October 1st.  Also, due to weather conditions and the timing of spring start-up, access to water and / or electricity may not be available for pre and post season use.


11.  What are the marina hours?

Answer:  The marina hours vary by season.  Generally speaking, the marina and fuel dock are staffed 8:00 AM — 9:00 PM, Sunday thru Thursday and 8:00 AM — 10:00 PM, Friday and Saturday-- from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.  Prior to Memorial Day and after Labor Day, the marina operates on a reduced schedule.  These hours are posted on the internet and outside of the Harbor Master office.


12.  What are the hours the front gate is open?

Answer:  The front gate of the marina is open daily from 7:00 AM — 6:00 PM in the summer and during normal business hours in the winter.  After those hours, access is only available with a gate pass.


13.  Have there been any problems with vandalism or theft on boats at the marina?

Answer:  Since opening, there have been no problems with vandalism or theft.  In addition to gated security, the Brown County Sheriff and Green Bay Police Departments keep their patrol boats at SOUTH BAY Marina.  As a result, they have access to the marina at all hours and patrol the grounds on a frequent basis.


14.  Are pets permitted in the marina?

Answer:  SOUTH BAY Marina is "Pet Friendly".  All pets must be on a leash, any time they are not within the confines of their owner's boat. That includes all areas of the marina grounds, common areas or docks.  Pets are NOT permitted in any marina buildings or in the pool or pool area.  Owners are responsible to pick up any pet droppings and dispose of them properly.  "Mutt Mitt" doggie doo dispensers are located conveniently throughout the marina, for this purpose.


15.  Where are the "economy" docks located?

Answer:  A limited number of economy docks are available on B Dock. 


16.  What are the criteria for renting an "economy" dock"?

Answer:  Economy docks are designed for those vessels that do not have connections for dockside power or water.   Typically those boats are less than 30' in length.  They are not meant as an alternative source of dockage for larger boats that may have those connections and opt not to use electricity or water, for whatever reason.  There will be a limited number of economy docks available and boats under 30' in length will be given first preference when renting these slips.  In rare circumstances, exceptions to this rule may be made.  You will need to contact the Harbor Master to discuss your particular situation.


17.  Where is Louie's Lagoon?

Answer:  "Louie's Lagoon" Food & Drinks, the SOUTH BAY Marina poolside bar, is located adjacent to the pool on the Peninsula.


18.  Will there be boat slips available for use by outside patrons of Louie's Lagoon?

Answer:  Transient dockage will be available on a first come first served basis.  You must contact the Harbor Master on VHF MB Channel 9 to get a temporary dock assignment, prior to docking.  Once assigned, we will provide docking assistance upon your arrival.


19.  What are the hours that Louie's Lagoon will be open?

Answer:  Louie's is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, hours vary by season and are posted. 


20.  What will be served at Louie's Lagoon?

Answer:  Louie's Lagoon features beer, wine, mixed drinks and soda.  The food menu consists of pizza, nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, various fried foods / appetizers, ice cream novelties and snacks.  Patio service and delivery service to boats is available.  Louie's Lagoon is open to the general public during the hours that the front security gate is open.  A free newspaper with continental breakfast is available to slip holders and transient guests on Sunday mornings from 8 - 10:30 during the summer months.


21.  Where the pool located and what is the size?

Answer:  The heated pool (82 degrees) is located on the peninsula adjacent to D-Dock.  It is 24' X 46' and 3' to 5' deep.


22.  Will non-members (non slip holders) be permitted to use the pool?

Answer:  The pool is only available for use by SOUTH BAY Marina Registered Slip Holders.  Customers of Louie's Lagoon or visitors to the marina are NOT permitted access to the pool or pool area.  Guests of registered slip holders will be allowed access to the pool when accompanied by a registered slip holder.  Children under 14 yrs. old must be accompanied by an adult when using the pool.  Pool access is available to all registered Transient boaters — with an overnight stay. 


23.  What are the pool hours?

Answer:  The pool will be open 10:00 AM — 8:30 PM Sunday thru Thursday and 10:00 AM — 9:30 PM Friday & Saturday---Memorial Day thru Labor Day weekend.


24.  Will there be a life guard on duty at the pool?

Answer:  No.  All children under 14 yrs. old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


25.  Besides the pool, what other amenities are available?

Answer:  Fire pits / complementary fire wood, grills, picnic areas, complementary bicycles, access to recreation areas & games (i.e. putting green, shuffle board, ladder ball, Bocce Ball, Baggo), Sunday AM complementary continental breakfast, complementary docking assistance.


26.  What is included in my slip fees?

Answer:  Your slip rental fees entitle you to use of ALL SOUTH BAY Marina facilities and amenities, access to water and electricity for your boat [unless you have rented an economy dock], free trailer parking and access to your designated boat slip.


27.  Are there any "hidden" fees or charges?

Answer:  No.  The only additional fees / charges that you may encounter would be a $15.00 gate pass deposit [fully refundable upon return of the gate pass] and charges for a dock box, should you desire one.


28.  Do you have wireless internet and Cable TV?

Answer:  Wireless internet access is FREE to our slip holders.  There is no access to Cable TV as Cable TV is not available to this part of town.  We will provide FREE access to a satellite dish antenna for those slip holders that wish to subscribe to this service through "Direct TV".  All costs associated with the service, other than installation of the satellite receiver dish, are the slip holder's responsibility.  Contact Harbor Master for complete information.


29.   Are dock boxes provided for use by slip holders?

Answer:  Dock boxes are available for rent on a seasonal basis.  The cost is $60.00 + tax / per season.  You may also purchase a dock box from us at our delivered costs + tax. (Last year that cost was approximately $350 + tax).  In addition, if you purchase a dock box, a one-time installation fee of $50.00 + tax must be added to the cost of the box.


30.  How do I reserve a slip at SOUTH BAY?

Answer:  In order to reserve a slip at SOUTH BAY Marina you must complete a Slip Reservation Form and provide a $250 non-refundable deposit.  Once those criteria are met, a slip will be reserved for you.


31.  When is final payment for my slip due?

Answer:  Final payment is due no later than May 1st or upon spring launch — whichever comes first.




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